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C-Lovers Fish & Chips

Win a $25 Fish & Chips Gift Card for Mother’s Day – Day 6

  1. *Congratulations to Day 1 Winners (May 2nd):
    Nan Ingy of Vernon and Heather J Rayner of Abbotsford
  2. *Congratulations to Day 2 Winners (May 3rd):
    Sarah Anne Penich of Port Coquitlam and Laurie Bauer of Kelowna
  3. *Congratulations to Day 3 Winners (May 4th):
    Al Young of Kelowna and Trevor Jensen of Surrey
  4. *Congratulations to Day 4 Winners (May 5th):
    Marg Schleppe of Kelowna and Heather Walker of Chilliwack
  5. *Congratulations to Day 5  Winners (May 6th):
    Bonnie Shideler of Vernon and Linda Bjornson Cornell of Edmonton
  6. Day 6 Winners (May 7th): Coming soon!
  7. Day 7 Winners (May 8th): Coming soon!
  8. Day 8 Winners (May 9th): Coming soon!